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My annual Paso Robles/Santa Barbara wine trip...

Day One: Paso Robles.

My niece, our designated driver and Cal Poly SLO student.

Randall, a friend from college, lives in Morrow Bay and was the designated map guy.

From left, Me (Neil), Fred and Randall prepare for two days of tasting.

L'Aventure vineyards.

Stephen Asseo, owner/winemaker of L'Aventure winery.

Next stop, EOS.

Denise McLean takes on a tour of EOS winery.

EOS bottling line.

Bottles awaiting a fill and label.

New barrels awaiting to be filled.

Next stop: Shannon O'Neill of Maloy O'Neill.

Shannon takes us through his big red wines.

The proud papa.

Shannon thieves some wine.

and pours me a drink.

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