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WineRelease Surveys's September Sonoma Valley Readers Choice 2015 Results. Posted November 2015.'s September Napa Valley Readers Choice 2015 Results. Posted September 2015.'s June 2015 Subscriber Study Results. Posted June 2015.'s December 2012 Subscriber Study Results. Posted December 2012.'s October 2009 Winery Mailing Lists Survey Results - Consumer responses. Posted October 21, 2009.'s October 2009 Winery Mailing Lists Survey Results - Winery responses. Posted October 21, 2009.'s July 2009 Wine Closure Survey Results. Posted August 16, 2009.'s June 2009 Restaurant Wine Subscriber Results. Posted June 2009.'s March 2009 Subscriber Study Results. Posted April 2009.
Wine Manipulation Survey. Posted February 2007.
Paso Robles Readers Choice Survey. Posted September 2006.
Sonoma Valley Readers Choice Survey. Posted May 2006.
Napa Valley Readers Choice Survey. Posted March 2006.

WineRelease Trips
Rioja, Spain. Posted March 15, 2010.
James Beard Food/Wine Award Event in New York. Posted May 16, 2007.
5th annual Paso Robles/Santa Barbara wine trip. Posted October 2005.
4th Paso Robles/Santa Barbara 2004 wine trip. Posted October 2004.
My New York - Paris - London - New York trip. Posted July 2004.
My brother's birthday party in New York. Posted February 2004.
3rd annual Paso Robles/Santa Barbara 2003 wine trip. Posted September 2003.

WineRelease Podcasts (click on the Podcast and depending on your Internet connection speed, the file will download and begin to play on your computer)
Victor Gallegos of Sea Smoke Cellars (9 megs 42 minute Podcast). Posted April 16, 2007.
Wine Manipulation Podcast with Nick Ramkowsky (9 meg 39 minute Podcast). Posted February 2007.
Steve Cass of Cass Vineyard and Winery (7 meg 28 minute Podcast). Posted August 2006.
Augie Hug of Hug Cellars (6 meg 15 minute Podcast). Posted July 2006.
Karen of Fiddlehead Cellars (8 meg 36 minute Podcast). Posted June 2006.
Dave Corey of Core Wines (8 meg 17 minute Podcast). Posted October 2005.

WineRelease Recommends
A day in Epernay, Champagne. Posted April 2023.
Wine Weekend Recommendation for the First Time Napa Valley Visitor. Posted February 2007 (updated May 2007).
Napa Valley Wine Tasting Rooms. Posted February 2006.

WineRelease Resources
Host your own wine tasting. Posted May 2002.

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