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My annual Paso Robles/Santa Barbara wine trip...

Day Two: Santa Barbara.

We begin at Babcock Winery where Fred pours us their wine.

Babcock's auger.

Melville Winery's beautiful home.

Clone 667 at Melville.

Our Melville tour guide tells us about the winery.

Pinot Noir just arrived at Melville.

Randall makes a purchase.

A quick stop at Foley to have a drink with Jenny.

We had to take at least one total tourist photo. Fred at Foley.

Lunch on Grand Avenue in Los Olivos.

What cleans a wine palate better than beer? And the Bachelor's beer to boot.

Fred wanted me to stand in front of the bird houses. He loved this photo... made him laugh. I don't think the birdhouses were THAT funny.

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