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Winery Location: United States: New York
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Last updated information for this winery on: 2/8/2024

Channing Daughters wine releases

2024 Wine Releases
  • January 2024;
  • February 2024; 2020 Long Island The Hamptons Ribolla Gialla Pinot Noir ($38)
  • March 2024;
  • April 2024;
  • May 2024;
  • June 2024;
  • July 2024;
  • August 2024;
  • September 2024;
  • October 2024;
  • November 2024;
  • December 2024;

2023 Wine Releases
  • January 2023;
  • February 2023; 2021 Long Island Petillant Naturel Merot/Lagrein (108 cases, $25)
  • March 2023;
  • April 2023; 2022 Home Farm Vineyard Rosato di Refosco (228 cases, $25), 2022 Rosato di Merlot (198 cases, $25), 2022 Rosato di Cabernet Franc (1,268 cases, $25), 2022 Rosato Merlot/Refosco/Syrah/Cabernet Sauvignon/Teroldego/Blaufrankisch.(338 cases, $25), 2022 Mudd West Vineyard Rosato di Syrah (228 cases, $25), 2022 Sculpture Garden Vineyard Rosato di Sculpture Garden Merlot/Blaufrankisch/Teroldego (228 cases, $25)
  • May 2023;
  • June 2023; 2022 The Hamptons of Long Island Sylvanus Vineyard Petillant Nature Pinot Grigio/Muscat Ottonel/Pinot Bianco ($29), 2022 North Fork of Long Island Mudd Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc ($25)
  • July 2023;
  • August 2023; 2022 Long Island Pinot Grigio (398 cases, $22)
  • September 2023;
  • October 2023; 2021 Finger Lakes Petillant Naturel Delaware (168 cases, $25)
  • November 2023;
  • December 2023;

2022 Wine Releases
  • January 2022;
  • February 2022;
  • March 2022;
  • April 2022;
  • May 2022;
  • June 2022;
  • July 2022;
  • August 2022;
  • September 2022;
  • October 2022;
  • November 2022;
  • December 2022; 2021 Long Island Moscato Petillant Naturel ($28), 2021 Finger Lakes Diamond Petillant Naturel ($25), 2021 Long Island Pinot Grigio ($22)

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