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Privacy, Copyright & Disclaimer's June 15, 2003 Monthly Newsletter

Greetings from, now 808 wineries strong! 17 new wineries have been added since last issue.

I am always looking at ways to improve this newsletter and have added a new feature beginning this issue. After the release information, winery mailing list and web site recommendations below, there is a list of winery additions/changes since the last newsletter. Clicking on the winery will take you to the information page for that winery where you can review the new information.

And now, on to the show...

July 2003 Wine Releases

June's recommended winery mailing lists to join:

Ridge Vineyards
One of the more famous red wine producers is Ridge. Although they specialize in Zinfandel, their Monte Bello is a blend of bordeaux varietals and one of the winery's most sought after wines.
Ridge mailing list information.
Ridge WineRelease information.

Chase Cellars
Owners of the Hayne Vineyard, Andy and Pam Simpson now bottle wine under their own label, S.E. Chase Family Cellars. Planted in 1903, the vines are head pruned, dry-farmed and are planted on St. George rootstock. The sandy-gravely soil combined with a slight slope consistently produces the most exuberant and expressive Zinfandel grapes in the Napa Valley. These unique grapes create one of the heartiest, most robust Zinfandels in California. Dark fruits, coffee, mocha and licorice flavors highlight this balanced and full bodied Zin. Very small production at under 1000 cases.
Chase Cellars mailing list information.
Chase Cellars WineRelease information.

June's recommended web site to visit:

55 Degrees wine storage facility
If you live in a non-recipricol state and have problems getting wine shipped to you, an alternative is to rent a wine locker and have the wine shipped there. Karen and Neil Aldoroty are the proprietors of 55 Degrees in St. Helena and are ready and willing to help you out with your wine storage needs. Many wineries ship wine to 55 degrees at no charge.

The following winery information pages have been updated since 5/15/2003

Winery Name; Winery Location

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