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My fourth annual Paso Robles/Santa Barbara wine trip...

Day One: Santa Barbara Region.

This is how our day started out. Dave Corey of Core Wines sludging around in a bin of Syrah grapes.

The life of a small winemaker.

Just like snow flakes, no two grapes are exactly alike.

Dave barrel tastes us on Viognier.

My college buddy Randall, lives in Morrow Bay and makes the trip every year. Notice that Dave uses his own version of the new Riedel "O" stemless wine glass.

This will do for an impromptu tasting bar.

Dave pours us some of his Rose wine.

Central Coast Wine Services is a coop where a group of small winemakers produce wine.

Just because you post the sign, it doesn't mean the fork lift operators will read it.

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