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Privacy, Copyright & Disclaimer's October 15, 2003 Monthly Newsletter

Greetings from, now 845 winery listings strong!

Wineries are abuzz with harvest, crush, and other winemaking activity, and this is definitely an exciting time to spend a weekend up in the Wine Country. If you plan to visit please call ahead. During the harvest many smaller wineries are concentrating on getting the fruit from vineyard to tank and don't receive visitors.

Lots of winery updates since last month (over 85).

And now, on to the show...

November 2003 Wine Releases

Skewis Wines, a Pinot Noir producer from Oregon, is now listed on the's Winery Newsletters and Mailing Lists Sign Up Page. Click here to see the 10 other winery mailing lists available.

The following winery information pages have been updated since 9/15/2003:

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